About us

Our Mission

My Olive Leaf is committed to equipping a diverse community of people with science-backed information and an all-natural product to begin their journey toward health and wellness. As a healthier alternative to excessive medications with harmful side effects, My Olive Leaf provides real people with a cold-pressed organic plant extract that is scientifically extracted to help heal the body from the inside out.

Since 5th century B.C. Greece, the olive branch has been a symbol of peace in Western civilization. With numerous published scientific research papers supporting its medicinal benefits and praising the positive effects of olive leaf extract over the years, it is our mission to provide practical solutions to what ails you and the community as a whole. Embark on your path toward healing, longevity, peace, and prosperity with My Olive Leaf today.

From successfully reversing high blood pressure to reducing diabetic high blood sugar to improving overall health, this all-natural alternative medicine is a long-used natural remedy with proven results around the globe.

Why I Started MOL

My Olive Leaf blossomed from a desire to help my family, community, and health. Watching my family suffer from preventable diseases and the pitfalls of western medicine was difficult, but it spurred me to become a holistic wellness advocate. I set off on a quest to find accessible alternative therapies for chronic illnesses affecting millions in the United States.

Though I’ve lived in Atlanta, GA for the past 15 years, I am proud to call New Orleans home. Most of my family moved into FEMA trailers waiting to rebuild homes or relocate after Hurricane Katrina, including my father. I believe he developed aggressive intestinal cancer due to his extended stay in toxic environmental living conditions. My father slowly deteriorated through each painful experimental treatment until he passed in 2011. Western medicine could only provide him minimal comfort before the end.

My mission is to share knowledge of preventative practices, nutrient-dense foods, and scientifically proven alternative remedies for better health and wellness. A preventive care system could alleviate our reliance on harmful prescriptions from a broken healthcare system that doesn’t use holistic solutions for illnesses that disproportionately affect our community.

I want to give my community a holistic-first approach to protecting their health with a mission to support healing and prevent illness before it happens. Olive leaf extract is a millennia-old remedy that could help my community prevent deteriorating health, minimize surgical intervention, reduce harmful radiation exposure, and stop destructive disease patterns. We don’t need another bandage for our disease - we need protection for our health.
Join me in this journey toward wellness, vitality, and better health that we all deserve.

~Duane Jordan