Olive Leaf Extract Maximum Strength with Phyto-Nutrients 8oz Liquid

U.S. National Institute of Health Studies State That Olive Leaf Extract Is Good For:
High Blood Pressure  |  High Blood Sugar  |  Kidney Failure  |  Viruses | Bacteria | Candida Yeast  | Tumors
Auto-Immune Disorders  |  Low Energy  |  Parasites and Worms  |  Inflammation  |  Herpes  |  Skin Conditions
Fibroids  |  Sleep Disorders |  Asthma  |  Constipation  |  Parkinson's  |  Seizures
Anaphylaxis (Emergency Allergic Reactions)  |  and more....


Olive Leaf Extract Plus
With Phyto-Nutrients

8 oz. Liquid
Maximum Strength Formula

This blend of Olive Leaf Extract and essential nutrients is formulated to help stubborn and severe high blood pressure (systolic rate 160 or above) also serious conditions such as Epilepsy, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke, Prostate and Breast Cancer and more.

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